Oil on gesso panel, 48 x 36 in, private collection

Disappearances 17. How to describe a cloud to the blind, or an angry sea to a highlander? What does color White taste like? Maybe like sugar, or salt, or maybe like snow: its irrelevant, nobody cares. But we all know what color Red is: it tastes like blood, it smells like danger, it feels like pain! How do you describe the beauty and the loneliness of an open sea? Why do you hold onto the fading memories of those left ashore, still waving farewells from the safety of routine and boredom? You don’t, you shouldn’t, you never reveal your feelings to the indifferent. If you are an artist, you have nowhere to run, all you can do is hide behind the colors. If you leave enough of yourself in your work, then someday you may be allowed to break the bond, you may win one pass on board of a Flying Dutchman. You will disappear. (Allois and Jörge)