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Robert Downey Jr. The Downey’s are one of our favorite couples – they have been and continue to be so supportive of the shop. Recently they popped in to pick-up one of our Newly released Art t’s by local Malibu Artist – Allois – as a gift for a friend. I noticed Robert was wearing his “Canvas Exclusive” Mark McNairy Grey Chukka boots with the Custom Yellow Soles. I just need to know how Iron Man was able to pick-up a pair of socks that perfectly matched the yellow soles (being a super hero obviously has it perks)! Looking great you guys. 🙂 August 11, 2011 Author: A. Forbes,

“It’s Hard Getting A Job”

“It’s Hard Getting A Job” is a short film by Daniel Molayem featuring paintings by ALLOIS: “Amica Silentia Lunae” and “Wash the Girl of your Choice”

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About the Artist

Allois is an American painter and illustrator, best known for the striking and bizarre images of Aliens in her surrealist work. She illustrated collectible edition of the stories by Edgar Allan Poe and Ray Bradbury "THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER/USHER II," published by Gauntlet Press in 2010.


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