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Kingdom 4, 2017


Oil on canvas, 30″ x 30″

Private collection of Madeleine Marentette, Founder & CEO of Grail Springs Retreat for Wellbeing






Disappearances 14, 2015

Oil on canvas, 30 x 40 in, framed contact Allois Studios (

Disappearances 14. I smiled as I watched my children build this sand castle, they never finished it because kids never finish anything. Kids think they have all the time they need in front of them… This was the last Castle they ever built, soon thereafter Humans came to our island and started building our homes and our castles for us. Humans called my children Trolls and for some reason they though that we live only under the bridges. Go figure! Simpletons, but tame and hard-working creatures they are! These Humans always had enough sense not to come close to our Last Castle. I am the one who oversees the Castle and the Land, once a century this is the place for The Family Gathering. We talk, we drink, we laugh, we dance, all the windows are lit and all the skies are set for spectacular fireworks! Everyone is invited, but Human creatures never come to the party, they must be afraid of the Storm and an occasional earthquake when the Party gets going! When in the morning I tuck my grandchildren to bed, I warn them of these Humans, of becoming like them: always unhappy, always afraid. (Allois and Jörge)

Monique, 2015

Oil on gesso panel, 40 x 30 in, private collection of Karen & Bill Gurr

The story behind the painting:

I am Monique, I am The Beauty of this world. Humans know about me, the chosen few are allowed to see me in their dreams. Symphonies, sonnets, sculptures and paintings are the reflection of these dreams. You can find my portraits in the museums all over the world, some artists  do not forget about by favorite pet Frosty, he is a guardian of my beauty.  (Allois and Jörge)

Lorry and Wilfred, 2017

Oil on gesso panel, 40″ x 30″, framed, private collection of Helen Yagake, sold by bG Gallery

The story behind the painting: 

Lorry and Wilfred. We are the travelers of this world, we traveled for as long as we remember ourselves and we shall travel for as long as we live. Only once in our lifetimes we visited our hometown, and that is where we found our True Love. We found each other! Now we travel together.  (Allois and Jörge)


Marcy, 2016

Oil on wood, 40″ x 30″, framed, private collection of Heidi Staun

The story behind the painting: 

Marcy. Sweet Assault. Welcome Home, my darling! I will pour you a glass of sweet honey from my wild honeybees, I will bath you in the crystal waters of my mountain stream, I will sing you my songs of loneliness and devotion. And if you ever betray me, my wild bees will kill you! You are safe with me, my Love! (Allois and Jörge)

Simone, 2015

 Oil gesso panel, 24″ x 18″, framed, private collection of Heidi Staun

The story behind the painting: 

Simone. My name is Simone, but neighbors call me “The Listener”. I live on Corsica, away from the great Concert Halls and Opera Houses, I listen to the Wind, to the Birds, to the Sea. They sing to me and I sing to them, I never sing to humans. Our singing keeps our island safe. (Allois and Jörge)

Lady Isabel, 2015

Oil on gesso panel, 16″x 9″, private collection of Shawn Taddey


The Theater of Earth


Oil on gesso panel, 40 x 30 in, framed, private collection of Hollywood luminaries and public figures Gabrielle & Christophe Choo

The Theater of Earth. This is my latest painting from The Floating Kingdom series. Painting was inspired by a fleeting encounter with a wonderful couple. Two creatures of power and fine attributes are enjoying their night out at the theater. They are watching a new channel, a non-stop reality show broadcasted from the Earth. Our couple is mildly interested in this new program, but you can tell that they are not really concerned about its outcome or happy endings for the characters (called Humans). They are happy being next to each other and their love fills the painting with an aura of happiness. (Allois and Jörge)

Christopher and Gabrielle. I am the Princess and I am in love! I have been in love all my life, and it was true and selfless love, it was my Love to myself! My Love came easy to me because I am beautiful, I am inhumanly smart, and my accomplishments are the base for a few urban legends. But my True Love and my greatest accomplishment is my Love to my husband! I do not talk to my fellow humans about my new Love for the same reason I do not discuss my achievements with my pets: they will listen but will never comprehend. Humans are of the different species than me and my Love. We are the aliens on this Earth and I know quite well what happens to my kind when we try to explain ourselves to Humans, or when we fall in love with them. My closest relative, Antoine De Saint-Exupery shared his story of The Little Prince, he also imagined that he is of the same breed as Humans… but then he had to leave. I am not ready to leave the planet of my birth, not yet. Also, my True Love, my husband, still has some duties to perform here. Nothing too important if you ask me, but he is not me, he follows the Orders from the Emperor of The Floating Kingdom to the letter. Men!!!  (Allois & Jörge)


Aurora & Kent, 2017

Oil on canvas, 20″ x 16″, framed, private collection of Sheri Oremus

The story  behind the painting:

Aurora & Kent. My name is Aurora, it is my duty is to meet the new day and to greet the Sun. I bring the colors of the Dawn into your dreams so that you start your day with a smile. I chase away your dark thoughts and your nightmares, I am the one who keeps you sane.


Flying Dutchman, 2016

Oil on canvas, 48 x 36 in, framed contact Six Summit Gallery,

Leo Feroleto (Art Dealer, New York, USA)

Ph: 917-573-0029

The story  behind the painting:

It’s a wonderful world and its a beautiful life! Throw away your sarcasm, stop crawling back and forth through the looking glass. Look through the wave, feel the wind, get burned by the Sun! Leave the deeply rooted and heavily anchored behind. There is no peace in quiet harbors, there is no kindness among the indifferent, there is no safety in their numbers. You will be saved by those who sail beyond the horizon, try and catch up with them.

Picnic 2

Oil on gesso panel, 40″ x 30″

Will be recreated in 2019 for the anniversary of loosing the  house and my art studio in Malibu. Offered for commissions, contact

The story behind the painting: 

My name is Lars de Montesquieu. You must have heard about my father, Baron de Montesquieu. My mother is still alive and well but she is not quite human. I love to travel. I travel in an old-fashioned way by train, boat or by car and I love to use my talents for slipping into parallel worlds and different realities. I believe that peculiarities of my genetics and upbringing provide me with unique means to finding keys to personal happiness. My twelve-volume treatise “Happiness is Easy” is going into its second printing but it has yet to be translated into Human language. (Allois & Jörge)

Allois Studio visit, Malibu Studio / Kanan Dume Rd. and Malibu Plein Air Studio / Latigo Canyon



What is a studio visit?

It’s a special experience where you visit the artist in their studio and spend a bit of time with them. A typical studio visit involves discussing the artist’s inspirations, influences, and process – perhaps over tea or a glass of wine – but the specifics of any given studio visit are as varied and unique as the artists themselves.

For collectors who are interested, we always encourage them to visit the artist’s studio for a memorable, personal, and educational experience.

Inquire Studio Visit: call/text (310) 729 2722



Limited Edition Canvases combine old world craftsmanship with the finest materials and latest production technologies to produce extraordinary canvas artwork. Our reproduction process captures not only the color and mood of Allois original painting, but the actual brushwork as well. Every piece is hand-retouched by Allois, giving the painting a look almost identical to the artist’s on-easel original. Vibrant colors, rich textures and color tones accurate to Allois original brushstroke are the hallmarks of your finished piece.

“S” Collectors Numbered Edition of 27

“The thickness of oil on canvas print is similar to the original brushstrokes, oil pigments cover whole canvas surface. Old-fashioned techniques and special medias are being used in this process. Final result looks like oil painting, not a print, and people perceive it as the original” Allois 

A limited edition print is so named because its run — the number of these prints that are created and sold — is limited to a specific number, say, 200. Each run is determined by size and any other qualifying factors; for instance, you can have a limited edition run of an image in a 12 x 15 size on paper, another run of 16 x 20 on paper, a third run of 12 x 15 on canvas, and so on. If you purchase the 5th print sold in the 12 x 15 on paper run, then somewhere on the print will be written (generally in pencil, since this is difficult to forge) 5/200, which indicates that your print is the 5th piece out of a total of 200 to be created in this particular run.

The print may or may not be signed by the artist (if the artist is alive, it really should be), and if so, will be of increased value. It also may or may not include a Certificate of Authenticity, a piece of paper or form that lists out the run size, the number of your print in the run, and information on inks and paper, and the date that the print was created.




“Aurora & Kent” at Voltaire Club in West Palm Beach

Oil painted giclee on canvas, “Aurora & Kent”, 40″ x 30″ at Voltaire Club, 526 Clematis Street, West Palm Beach, Florida

About the Artist

Allois is an American painter and illustrator, best known for the striking and bizarre images of Aliens in her surrealist work. She illustrated collectible edition of the stories by Edgar Allan Poe and Ray Bradbury "THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER/USHER II," published by Gauntlet Press in 2010.


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