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LA Art Show 2020, bG Gallery, booth #825


Oil on canvas, 48″ x 36 in, private collection of Brian Sullivan & Mario Aguirre


Want 2 / Margo. I and my family is a part of a quiet beach community where folks reside comfortably and where nothing dramatic ever happens. My life is as content and peaceful as my parents had planned for me: dreamy husband, quiet mid-afternoon naps and peaceful conversations with my lady-friends. But… These last few years I was having a recurrent dream of being someone else, of being somewhere else. (Allois & Jörge)

Full story will be published at “Floating Kingdom” Project.

Upcoming LA Art Show 2020

Allois Interview for collectors, copyright / AC Gallery

Allois interview at Artists Corner Gallery, Hollywood

Allois interview with gallery owner Carlos Benitez and photographer Von Hoffman.

Malibu Surfside News, April 11, 2019

“Alluring Artist Allois Beguiles at LA Art Show” at Hollywood Weekly, April 2019





Golden Globe Winner Joanna Cassidy with her portrait “Joanna / Ceremony of Innocence” by Allois

Hollywood Weekly interview with Golden Globe Winner Joanna Cassidy and Allois @The Majestic

With Golden Globe Winner Joanna Cassidy, portrait “Joanna / Ceremony of Innocence” by Allois

About the Artist

Allois is an American painter and illustrator, best known for the striking and bizarre images of Aliens in her surrealist work. She illustrated collectible edition of the stories by Edgar Allan Poe and Ray Bradbury "THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER/USHER II," published by Gauntlet Press in 2010.


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